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What is KOHLER® LuxStone Shower Made Of?

Oct 12, 2021

What is a KOHLER LuxStone Shower Made Of?

walk-in shower with marble wall surround


If your shower is showing signs of age with cracks, chips, and fading color, or you simply want a shower that is easier to maintain, you may be on the lookout for a durable, low-maintenance shower system. If that’s the case, the KOHLER® LuxStone Shower may be exactly what you need. These showers are expertly crafted to give the best in performance, durability, and style. Unlike other showers made from less sturdy material, KOHLER LuxStone showers won’t fade, crack, or chip over time. They’re also resistant to mold and mildew growth. So, what exactly is LuxStone and why is it such a hardwearing material? The experts at New Bath Today, a KOHLER® showers installer, has the answers for you.

Their Shower Walls Offer Increased Durability

LuxStone is the material used for the showers’ walls and consists of crushed stone for enhanced strength. LuxStone is much more damage-resistant than other materials commonly used for showers, including acrylic, tile, and fiberglass. KOHLER LuxStone shower walls are available in a variety of designs, ranging from delicate stone patters and contemporary brick to serene neutral colors. Homeowners can choose one style of LuxStone for all of their walls, or they can mix patterns and colors to make an eye-catching design.

A Digital Shower System is Optional for Convenience

KOHLER LuxStone showers are also available with a digital system that allows you to control your shower with the click of a button. Called the DTV Prompt®, this digital system makes it easy to set a timer, the temperature, control the types of water spray and pressure without toggling with a lever. You can seamlessly shift between the controlling the showerhead, handshowers, body sprays, and more, as well as pause or start the water flow. Even better, you can preset your shower to all of your preferences so that as soon as you turn it on, it’s already at your desired temperature, spray, pressure, and duration.

They are Available with Numerous Customizable Accessories

Another perk of the KOHLER LuxStone showers is that they’re highly customizable with a variety of unique fixtures and hardware that make for a more personalized touch. They are also available with the following accessories:

  • Recessed shelving – Personalized storage that discreetly blends into the rest of the showering area for a clean, modern space
  • Floating shelf – Can be placed anywhere in the shower, or it can be installed outside the shower to provide more storage possibilities
  • Shower barre – Provides stability when entering and exiting the shower
  • Moveable seat – Offering the perfect spot to rest your legs when you’re shaving or washing up

The Bathroom Remodeling Company You Should Trust

If the KOHLER LuxStone Shower seems like the perfect fit for your bathroom, before sure to have it installed by an experienced, trustworthy company—New Bath Today! We boast an excellent team of technicians who will have your new shower installed to perfection in as little as one day. Even better, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your installation is backed by a limited warranty. To learn more about New Bath Today and our KOHLER LuxStone showers, contact us today.

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