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Is It Time to Consider a KOHLER® LuxStone™ Shower Replacement for Your Home in Saint Clair Shores, MI?

Shower Replacement Saint Clair Shores MIA KOHLER® LuxStone™ shower replacement is an excellent investment, not only providing you with a place to bathe comfortably but also adding a hint of luxury to your home Saint Clair Shores, Michigan. Not convinced that you need a new shower? Even if your current shower still works fine, remember that even a seemingly small issue can develop into a major problem over time.

Signs to Watch For

Here are some subtle – and not-so-subtle – warning signs that you should consider a shower replacement sooner than later:

A “Sticky” Door

A shower door should operate smoothly and easily; some styles swing open and close like household doors, while others slide on rails and rollers. Soap scum buildup can cause a hinged shower door to stick. A bent or warped frame can cause a sliding door to drag or pop out of its track. Either problem can lead to permanent damage to the door as well as the shower itself.

Damaged Glass

Shower doors are constructed of safety glass, which is heat-treated to make it stronger and safer in the event of breakage. Nevertheless, a glass shower door should be regularly inspected for chips, cracks, and other damage. The heat and moisture levels in a bathroom constantly fluctuate, causing the glass to repeatedly expand and contract. Therefore, even a tiny fracture in a glass door can grow, potentially causing the door to spontaneously shatter.

Stained Tile

Constant exposure to water can cause shower tile to become stained and lose its protective exterior coating. It may be impossible to restore severely stained tile to its former glory. A shower replacement can provide a fresh new look.


Many older shower systems are constructed of tile, glass, and metal. The metal – usually the first component to go – should be periodically checked for signs of wear, especially rust, which will worsen over time. After rust develops, the only way to stop it in its tracks is to replace the shower.

As you can see, your shower may “let you know” if something isn’t quite right. The key to keeping your bathroom functional and beautiful is recognizing these warning signs and taking appropriate action – such as replacing your shower system – when necessary.

Consider KOHLER LuxStone

If you need a shower replacement, a beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance KOHLER LuxStone shower system from New Bath Today is an excellent choice. Contact us today. Our outstanding team of KOHLER-certified professionals in Saint Clair Shores, MI, will expertly handle every aspect of your shower replacement in as little as one day.

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Very professional and courteous!!! They called ahead of time and provided us with an estimated time of arrival.
- Agnes L
Our designer helped us choose the options that best suited us, and before long, I now have a shower greater than I ever dreamed.
- Andrea D
What a fantastic product and I can’t say enough on the professionalism, dedication and incredible workmanship of the installation. THANK YOU!
- Marc V
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