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Create the Perfect Walk-In Tub Experience
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Walk-In Tub Installation Services for Homeowners in Cleveland, OH

Walk-In Tub Installation Cleveland OHDoes the thought of stepping into the shower or bathtub at your Cleveland, Ohio, home make you worry about having a slip-and-fall accident? Every year, countless seniors across the country visit the emergency room after falling while getting into or out of the tub or shower. Thankfully, New Bath Today offers a convenient solution—walk-in tub installation. Walk-in tubs are a popular bathroom upgrade for those with limited mobility or those who plan to age in place and want to make sure their bathtubs are accessible.

Premium Walk-In Tubs

At New Bath Today, we’re proud to install walk-in tubs from Kohler®, a manufacturer whose name is synonymous with high-quality bathroom products. With more than 140 years of industry expertise, Kohler is known for crafting premium walk-in tubs that are:

  • Safe – Getting into and out of these walk-in tubs is easy and safe, as they feature a 3-inch threshold (the lowest in the industry), an extra-wide door, and strategically placed interior and exterior grab bars.
  • Comfortable – These KOHLER® walk-in tubs have heated surfaces to keep you warm while you bathe and massaging air jets to provide you with a luxurious, spa-like experience.
  • Functional – Unlike some walk-in tubs that take forever to fill up and drain, the KOHLER® walk-in tubs we install have some of the fastest filling and draining times of any tub on the market.

Make It Your Own

Are you concerned that the installation of a walk-in tub might leave your bathroom looking sterile? Well, with New Bath Today, you won’t have to worry about that at all! To ensure that these walk-in tubs provide the same level of beauty as other bathroom products, Kohler allows you to customize the walls surrounding your tub with different colors and beautiful tile patterns from the LuxStone™ collection. What’s more, you can customize the tub color and hardware finish to complement your bathroom’s décor for a cohesive and attractive appearance.

If you’d like to learn more about the walk-in tub installation services we offer to homeowners throughout the Cleveland, OH, area, contact New Bath Today to get started.

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