Create the Perfect Walk-In Tub Experience
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Create the Perfect Walk-In Tub Experience
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Our KOHLER® Walk-In Tubs Create a Safe, Luxurious Bathing Experience for Jeffersonville, IN, Homeowners

Walk-In Tubs Jeffersonville, IN

For those with limited mobility, the ability to perform daily routines in a safe and independent manner is of tantamount importance. When it comes to bathing, KOHLER® walk-in tubs from New Bath Today do just that. Innovative features maintain the luxurious feel of a warm bath without sacrificing safety. And, because it comes from KOHLER, you can rest assured that the walk-in bathtub will serve as a beautiful addition to your Jeffersonville, Indiana, home.

A Safe and Relaxing Experience

Surrounded by KOHLER’s LuxStone™ walls, these walk-in tubs present an atmosphere of marble-ensconced luxury while requiring none of the upkeep. Once you step into your new walk-in bathtub, you’ll find every feature designed to maximize both safety and relaxation. This includes:

  • Easy access ─ Low 3” thresholds and extra-wide doors make entering and exiting your walk-in tub simple. Once inside, a deep seat allows you to relax into your bath instead of fighting to maintain your balance.
  • Stability ─ Textured floors help keep you from slipping, even when the tub floor is wet. For added support, KOHLER incorporates two safety handles into the design – one outside along the rim of the tub and one inside within easy reach.
  • Relaxation ─ Whirlpool and bubble jets provide you with a gentle massage while you bathe to ease tension from your muscles. You can also turn on the heated seat and neck rest to complement the temperature of the water, allowing you to experience total relaxation in your new walk-in bathtub.
  • Operation ─ While a heated seat and neck rest keep you comfortably warm, your walk-in tub fills to an operable depth in minutes. When you finish your bath, it drains almost as quickly, allowing you to move from your tub to a warm towel with little interruption.

All of these features are designed with ease-of-operation in mind. Controls and levers sit within a comfortable arm’s reach. Meanwhile, an innovative design prevents pooling water and simplifies cleaning.

Would you like to enjoy a safe, luxurious bathing experience? Contact New Bath Today to learn more about the KOHLER walk-in tubs we install for Jeffersonville, IN, homeowners.

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