Create the Perfect Walk-In Tub Experience
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Create the Perfect Walk-In Tub Experience
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We Install Safe & Luxurious KOHLER® Walk-In Tubs for Louisville, KY, HomeownersWalk-In Tubs Louisville, KY

Many count a warm, relaxing bath as one of life’s simple joys. If mobility issues prevent you or a loved one from relishing this experience, then it might be time to replace your old bathtub with a new KOHLER® walk-in tub. These luxurious installations provide homeowners in Louisville, Kentucky, with safe, relaxing bathing experiences.

Walk-In Tubs Bring You Luxurious Ease-Of-Use

Since 1873, KOHLER has designed fixtures that embody beautiful luxury. When creating their walk-in tubs, they go a step further by integrating numerous easy-to-use features. Beautiful and opulent LuxStone™ shower walls frame a pristine white or rich cream tub, which has been designed for:

  • Easy Navigation ─ A low 3” threshold and an extra-wide door provide you with plenty of room to maneuver into and out of your walk-in tub. A deep ergonomic seat keeps you secure during your bath, allowing you to enjoy the experience without fighting to maintain your perch.
  • Safe Entry and Exit ─ Two handles, located on the outside wall of your tub and under the rim of the door, provide you with extra security when entering and exiting your tub. And, textured flooring reduces slippage, making your bathing experience safe.
  • Relaxing Experiences ─ A heated seat and neck rest keeps you comfortable while your tub fills and drains, all while relaxing your muscles. During your bath, 10 adjustable whirlpool jets provide a gentle, relaxing massage to wash away tension and pain.
  • Expedient Operation ─ Using easy to reach handles, you can fill your walk-in bathtub to operating depth within minutes. You can drain your tub almost as quickly, allowing you to enjoy your soft, fluffy towel as quickly as possible.

All of these features come protected by KOHLER’s exceptional warranties. When you purchase a KOHLER walk-in tub, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your investment is secure.

Would you like to learn more about the walk-in tubs we install for homeowners like you in Louisville, KY? Contact New Bath Today to start enjoying your bathing experience again.

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Very professional and courteous!!! They called ahead of time and provided us with an estimated time of arrival.
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- Andrea D
What a fantastic product and I can’t say enough on the professionalism, dedication and incredible workmanship of the installation. THANK YOU!
- Marc V
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